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Going Overboard, made in 1989 and directed by Valerie Breiman, is the movie debut of now-superstar comedian Adam Sandler. Starring in other prominent roles are Burt Young and Adam Rifkin, and cameos by Billy Zane(Titanic) and Billy Bob Thornton(Armageddon, Bandits, Snogging Angelina Jolie II) can also be seen.

The movie depicts the misadventures of Schecky Moskowitz(Sandler), who works as a waiter on a cruise ship while harbouring dreams of becoming a cruise ship comedian. Unfortunately, this spot is already taken, meaning that Shecky spends most of the early parts of the movie dreaming and in angst. His situation is not helped by the fact that many of the very beautiful women present on the ship seem to prefer the current comedian, Dickie Diamond, a real meanie who makes a lot of fart jokes. The story is fleshed out with some action as General Noriega(Young) sends assassins to have one of the beautiful women, Miss Australia, killed for making fun of him. Hilarity ensues.

Now that the plot has been presented in a somewhat unbiased way, it is time to state just how bad this movie is. It's very, very bad. At the time of this writeup it was on place #42 on the bottom 100 of the IMDb, and I must say that it deserves it. The story is extremely stupid and unappealing. The jokes are exceptionally stupid and mostly about e.g. farts. The cinematography suffers badly from the fact that the camera crew forgot to bring the right lenses, so the whole movie is shot with the wrong ones. The only slightly redeeming feature of this movie is the number of attractive 1980s beauty queens in it(although not as actresses; they were on the cruise as passengers). Do not watch this movie unless you have to, or unless you are unconvinced about how poor an actor Adam Sandler is.

thanks to the IMDb for cast listings and some trivia

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