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A solo album by Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys during his brief time away from the group in the mid 70s, released in 1977.
The album is a low budget affair, mostly intended to showcase Johnston's songwriting following Barry Manilow's success with his I Write The Songs. As a result a lot of the album is just Johnston on vocals and electric piano.
The album contains reworkings of songs from throughout Johnston's career, including songs previously recorded by the Beach Boys and Bruce And Terry, but it is quite possibly the schmaltziest thing ever comitted to vinyl, and Johnston himself seems embarrassed by it nowadays.


  1. I Write the Songs
  2. Deidre
  3. Thank You Baby
  4. Rendezvous
  5. Won't Somebody Dance with Me
  6. Disney Girls
  7. Rock and Roll Survivor
  8. Don't Be Scared
  9. Pipeline

The album was sproduced by Curt Boettcher and is available on Sony records.
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