Gold Beach, Oregon is a town on the southern Oregon coast, and is the county seat of Curry County. With a population of 2,253, it is a small city. However, it is one of only three incorporated places in the 80 mile length of Curry County, and so it has services beyond what its size would suggest.

Gold Beach is also notable in being the location where the Rogue River enters the Pacific Ocean. The Rogue is a river that rises in the Cascade range and cuts a path through the coast range before entering the ocean. Gold Beach is a departure point for many people exploring up the Rogue River.

Like many places on the Oregon Coast, Gold Beach is a very beautiful place to visit. The scenery is awesome, the weather is mild year round, and there are a variety of fun galleries and shops to peruse, as well as an uncommonly large bookstore. However, also along with other places on the Oregon Coast, Gold Beach is not necessarily a good place to live, since it is small, has limited opportunities for employment, is isolated from services and most forms of commerce, and is very rainy. The cliché "Nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there" very much applies.

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