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Golden's Bridge is a tiny town in Westchester County, New York. It lies in what locals call 'upper Westchester'. However, all those from New York City would rather call the entirety of Westchester County 'upstate'. This is false however, as Westchester County is one of the most southern counties in New York State. People from this area would call anywhere north of Albany 'upstate'.

In Goldens Bridge, there are several main attractions:

  • A&P Supermarket (24 hours)
  • Dunkin Donuts (very busy in the mornings with coffee sales)
  • Portofino Pizza and Pasta (awesome huge slices of pizza and local meeting place)
  • Video Source (small video store)
  • Metro North train station (described in detail later)
  • Many parking lots

There is also a lumberyard on the opposite side of I-684, a simple auto body, and a Mercedes-Benz dealership. There once was a local Texaco gas station, but it was closed in recent years.

The Metro North commuter railroad runs parallel to I-684, and brings commuters as south as New York City, or as north as Dover Plains. Both the 6-lane interstate highway and the busy railroad split the small town in two on the western side. This train station draws daily commuters from as far east as Connecticut, and as from the more western towns as well, due to the fact that it lies upon both the interstate highway, and a major east-west road, route 138. To combat the problem of parking, the nearby shopping center has been expanded, and three new parking lots were added to the area. One more is still being built, and they are now working to expand the shopping center yet again - for the second time in three years. Many older citizens of Goldens Bridge are outraged at the amazing amounts of trees being knocked down in order to build such commercial landmarks. They can still remember when homes were moved to make way for the interstate highway in the 70s. It is needless to note that the IBM buildings that overlook a part of the town from nearby Somers still anger many residents.

The residential zones are expanding as well, with more and more developments being built in the town and outlying areas.

The majority of Goldens Bridge residents have the same three numbers in their phone numbers (232). Thus, to call most people, one must only dial 232-XXXX. We all lie within the 914 area code.

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