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A golf cart is a motorized conveyance normally (though not exclusively) used by golf courses as an alternative to walking. Nearly all courses have the option to use a golf cart and are covered with concrete cart paths to accomodate those using them. Most golf carts can safely carry two passengers and their clubs, though there are models made to carry a greater number of passengers.

Golf carts come in two flavors when it comes to power: gasoline and electric. The gasoline variety seem to go faster, but most carts are governed to a top speed of about fifteen miles per hour. The governer on the engine of many carts will even go as far as automatically braking on hills to keep the cart from attaining dangerous speeds due to gravity, but on electrics this safety can be easily defeated by repeatedly tapping the gas pedal.

Many golfers discourage the use of golf carts, stating the case that a course can only be experienced fully on foot. Many find, however, that it adds to the game by eliminating late-game fatigue created by walking.

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