A rather disgusting concoction that a friend of mine would order with a heaping pile of fries from The Original Hot Dog Shop and bring to College Bowl practice. He would also call it his Death Burger. Fortunately, he scanned the receipt from one such burger, which I will now bring you in all its glory:

       Carnegie Mellon
The Original Hot Dog Shop
           Thank You
      O MED FRIES    3.25
      ............    .00
      O HAMBURGER    2.00
      O BACON         .55
      O HAM           .55
      O CHEDDER CH    .55
      O AMERICAN      .55
      O SWISS         .55
      O EGG TOP       .55
      O CHILI         .00
      ............    .00
      O 32OZ SODA    1.50
      ............    .00
      O TO GO         .00
      O TO GO         .00
  TOTAL             10.05
  P.PLAN 1   TEND   10.05
04/03/00  5:37P L 1 D60019
ORDER NUMBER:        19822

As you can see, this approximates The Simpsons' Good Morning Burger as closely as possible: this monstrosity has a quarter pound of ground beef, bacon, ham, cheddar cheese, American cheese, Swiss cheese, a fried egg, and Chili on top. (Rich creamery butter was not available.)

Truly a heart attack on a plate. Fortunately, he didn't eat all the fries himself, as a medium order from The O will easily feed four average people.

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