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Note, I know that these synopsis are online on many different sites, but this is my original summary. I was able to do this because I do have the episode downloaded on my computer.

Good News, Bad News is the title of the Seinfeld pilot. From there, the Seinfeld dynasty emerged, allowing it to becoem one of the funniest series of all-time, quite possibly the funniest. The episode, which first aired July 5, 1989, is considered the first episode of the first season (it is called episode 101, the first '1' being the season number, the '01' being episode 1. So 9-09 would be the ninth episode of the ninth season).

The episode begins the way most Seinfeld episodes begin, with Jerry on stage doing a routine about being "out". The episodes kicks into gear in a coffeeshop, where Jerry is telling George about a girl that is coming into town for Jerry. Note that the coffeeshop is different than the normal restuarant that is seen in all the other episodes. Luara, the girl Jerry met in Michigan, who is "really bright, really pretty." Jerry tells George that Laura called and said "she had to come in for a seminar, and maybe we will get together." George analyzes this and tells Jerry that he is her back-up plan, her "second-line, a just in case, a B-plan, a contingency."

Jerry invites George to "come with" him "do laundry." Jerry insists that George be a "come-with guy." At the laundromat, George continues to analyze the situation to Jerry how he is being led by this Laura girl. After a while, Jerry begins to feel that the girl isn't going to meet up with him.

"You can't overdie, you can't overdry."

After the scene in the laundromat, Jerry is seen on stage doing a routine about "laundry". "Laundry day is the only exciting day in the life of clothes. The dryer is their only plan to escape. 'Tomorrow, the dryer, I'm going.'"

Jerry is seen eating cereal, with his Superman colors (blue sweatshirt with red sweatpants). He is watching the a taped game of the Mets game when Kramer enters and tells him the result without knowing that Jerry had not seen it. Kramer joins Jerry watch the game, as Jerry is persuaded that the girl isn't going to come see him. Then the phone rings, and Laura is on the other end and asks him to come to pick him up from the airport the following day. She asks him if she can stay at his place while she is in town, and Jerry acknowledges her request. Jerry brings in an extra bed, not wanting to be "presumptious."

George and Jerry are at the airport and discuss what a women is thinking. "If she puts the bags down before she greets you, it's a good sign. A shake is bad." Laura greets Jerry in a way not discussed and it leaves them both bewildered. She greets them in a "suprise blindfold greeting," which isn't "in the manual."

Jerry and Laura return to Jerry's apartment and the way she is acting (unbuttoning her top button on her blouse, asking to drink wine, dimming the lights), Jerry gets the impression that she is into him. She asks to stay the following night as well. Tommorrows plans are discussed and they plan to go on a boat ride around the city. The phone rings and its for Laura, its her fiance. She gives some advice to Jerry to "never get engaged." She continues and Jerry is still stuck on "you're engaged."

The scene cuts to Jerry on the stage doing a comedy routine on "what women want. Men know what men want. What to men want? We want women."

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