Sure, there are dozens of reasons to miss someone, and to miss company in general, but some of them aren't quite as good as others. Regardless, here are a few good reasons to miss someone, or people in general, from my point of view: Now, for the second installment in my good reasons to miss someone node.. why I miss lemon curry.
  • He has the amazing ability to make me feel better about myself, as do k80z, and texty (I am a worthwhile and wonderful person and a totally syhhgxk kunt!!!).
  • He recently acquired a full-time job at a bookstore, thus, he isn't around as much, and I miss him.
  • He's very funny, and crazy, and knows how to manipulate text like there's no tomorrow.
Any way, those are just a few reasons to miss people.. and by the way, I guess the technical definition for "missing someone" would be wishing that they were around to talk to, or there with you. It is also possible to miss someone who is with you, but who may have changed, turned into something you aren't so fond of, this means you miss something about them, and not the individual person. Intriguing, hm?
He always called me late at night.

Years I've gone without hearing that voice. Sometimes something will happen that would only make headlines in the world the two of us made together.

I heard about a Latin copy of his Alice in Wonderland, and I want him to know, or to grab a copy should I ever make a visit to his grave.

Movies he would have wanted to see.

New twists I see in arguments we had too long ago to matter. (I win.)

Questions I wouldn't be afraid of.

A new spin on a private joke; a book I read that would have fed our chats.

If the phone rang after 10 p.m., I wanted to hear that I was mistaken, that you were all right; you put me over one more time.
Reasons for missing him

we shared too many interests

we shared too many years together at school and after

I got addicted to dining out with him

I never knew the reason why he stopped calling

I suffer when I think of all the persons he won't met

he used to be my best friend

    Because he held me with the right combination of tight enough to feel secure and loose enough to move.

    Because she smiled at me like there was something more in my eyes than I knew I was saying.

    Because his hair always smelled like clean grass.

    Because he always understood me.

    Because I felt confident in the strength of their convictions that I was really the best girl on earth.

    Because he was my best friend.

    Because she was my best friend.

    Because I want them to both know things that I never told them.

    Because I still love him.

    Because I know she still loves me.

when i smelled the perfume you wore at the fast-pace-hurrying-people-train-station in a monday morning.
when the radio plaied the old song we loved to listen to in the bed.
when i pass by the bar we always get drunk together where we started to hung out and ended to see each other.
when i had a too beautiful dream about you and woke up in the middle of the night at where i will never see you again.

i thought if i kept you awake long enough

   the morning wouldn't come to steal you from me.

but, alas, the stars closed your eyelids and

your breath became heavy

i watched you a while before falling also.

the cruel shriek of the alarm clock and

   the burning blades of sunshine

   cut through my heart

   just like your plane ticket.

i watched you go

     and i am bound in chains and can't


  • I feel incomplete and so selfish just wanting you here for myself.. that I just want it to be over.. and for it to be true.
  • I never knew until I was alone in the world that your presence wasn't detrimental to my self-esteem, but made me feel like, inside, I was a master and only temporarily under siege.
  • I can't think of anyone who could appreciate your voice and your eyes right now more than I would.
  • I place an entire body width between me and other people, thinking you are there by my side, only you aren't.
  • My hand hangs by my side, cold, without yours there forming some warmth.
  • You're the only one who can stop these tears.
  • All I need is to hear you tell me, "It's only been two days, Aimee. It's only been two days."
  • I woke up in the middle of the night, sick, calling your number only there was never an answer.
  • My other friends don't make me feel half as right as you do.
  • I don't love my friends the same way I love you.
  • I feel like in absence, you won't remember these things.

    Do you miss me like
    A punch to the stomach?
    Like an illness with no common cure.
    Vomiting on a calm sea?

    Do you miss me like
    A cake that will not cook
    Where the recipe reads right
    But the ingredients repel each other?

    Do you miss me like
    A waking dream of need?
    You are there - your arms warm around me
    And dull disappointment on waking.

    Do you miss me like
    Children on their first day of school for the new year
    Miss the freedom of home and mother
    And hot scones?

    Do you miss me like
    Words upon a wordless page
    Crying out blood
    From a thousand deaths?

    Do you miss me like
    The loneliness of the
    Lone Kauri
    John Wayne against the sky?

    Do you miss me like
    No sugar in your tea
    No honey on your bread
    No sky behind the clouds?

    Do you miss me like
    Bees without a hive?
    Statesmen without a state
    Grass that will not grow?

    Do you miss me like
    The solitude of madness
    The loneliness of Harrods
    On a Saturday shopping day with no money?

    Do you miss me like a
    Light bulb with no electricity
    An adze with no hand to wield it
    A clock with no time to tell?

    Do you miss me like
    A roof blown off
    Sawn off chair legs
    Four flat tyres?

    Do you miss me like
    A calendar with no future
    A planet with no plants
    A TV studio with no actors?

    Do you miss me like
    Three baited hooks and no fish
    White with no bait
    Sand with no Pipis?

    Do you miss me like
    Anger with noone to hear
    Joy with no laughter
    Family with no children?

    Perhaps you do not
    But this is my loneliness.

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