Google-stalk v.

To engage in obsessive (and possibly compulsive) searching behavior for a person via the internet (most effectively involving the use of world wide web search engine Google). Sometimes used in reference to stalking a place, thing, or idea online as opposed to a person. The result of successful Google-stalking is to determine everything you could possibly want to know about the stalk-ee, and sometimes more than you cared to find out.

Common Google-stalking victims: friends, enemies, crushes, exes, objects of hero-worship.

Common discoveries while Google-stalking: awkward photographs, personal websites designed at the age of fifteen, posts on random subjects to online listservs no one knew were archived.

Good tools to have when google-stalking besides their name: current and former online aliases, alma mater(s), maiden name/spouse's name, place of employment, knowledge of their hobbies and organizational associations.

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