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Gordon Bok is one of the premier Philadelphia folk musicians of the 1970’s and ‘80s. He is known both for his solo work and for his work with the folk music trio Bok, Muir, and Trickett. All of his work is known for the excellent guitar playing, moving lyrics, and when performing with the trio, haunting harmonies.

Bok grew up in Camden, Maine, and being that Camden was a port, he spent much of his time at and around the sea. Thus, much of his music is about the sea and the sailor. From the age of nine, Gordon played the guitarr, and after graduation from high school, he spent summers sailing out of Camden, and winters in Philadelphia, where he discovered the revived folk music scene there. By this time, Bok had mastered the 6-string and 12-string guitars, as well as the instrument that would be his trademark, the ‘cellamba. He began performing and, dissatisfied with the way sailors were portrayed, he wrote many songs about a life at sea.

Working with instrument maker Nick Appolonio, Bok has created many new instruments. His two most famous are the Bok-whistle, similar to a recorder but with a softer sound, and a special 12-string guitar suited to the style of playing that Gordon is accustomed to. Together, Bok and Appolonio have designed and built guitars, lauds, and viols for use in the soft ballads that Bok has perfected.

Gordon Bok Discography

1970-A tune for November
1971-Peter Kagan and the Wind
1973-Cold as a Dog and the Wind Northeast
1975-Bay of Fundy
1979-Another Land Made of Water
1981-Jeremy Brown and Jeannie Teal
1983-Clear Away in the Morning
1983-A Rogue’s Gallery of Songs for the 12 string
1990-Return to the Land
1995-North Wind’s Clearing
1999-In the Kind Land
2001-Dear to our Island
2002-Herrings in the Bay

Bok, Muir, Trickett Discography

1975-Turning Toward the Morning
1978-The Ways of Man
1980-A Water Over Stone
1983-All Shall be Well Again
1985-Fashioned in the Clay
1987-Minneapolis Concert
1990-And So Will We Yet
The First Fifteen Years Vol. 1
The First Fifteen Years Vol. 2
1994-Language of the Heart
1998-Harbors of Home



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