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The 34th premier of British Columbia (2001-present) and leader of the BC Liberals. He is considered to be a fairly right-wing neoliberal. He supports the privatization of most of the province's assets, income tax cuts, quite deep cuts to social spending, and controversial environmental policies such as killing off grizzly bears for sport. Campbell is best known for getting caught drunk driving while partying on in Maui, with his wife hard at work back home in BC. Half the population hates him, while the rest still hate the last NDP government led by Glen Clark that was kicked out in 2001. Gordon Campbell hopes to be the first politician in 20 years to serve out a full term as premier in this polarized province.

Update: On May 17, 2005, Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals were re-elected to a second term of government, with a greatly diminished majority. In 2001, the BC Liberals won 77 of 79 seats. In 2005, they won 46 of 79 seats. Many cabinet ministers lost their seats, but Gordon Campbell won, making him the first premier of BC to win re-election since Bill Bennett did so in 1983.

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