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Gorky's Zygotic Mynci (the last word is pronounced as 'Monkey') formed in the mid 1980s in Wales. The name translates into English as "Dimwit Reproductive Hames". (Mynci was accidentally used in place of the correct spelling mwnci).

Founder members of the band were:

later adding Euros' sister Megan on violin and Euros Rowlands on drums. They all met at school in Carmarthen, and began by making tapes in their bedrooms. Their style has been variously described with terms such as art pop, experimental rock, indie folk, but it consistently concentrates on strong melody.

The band rapidly gained exposure since Rowlands' father, Dafydd was the archdruid of the Eisteddfod, and they played local festivals as well as appearing on the radio and TV. They signed with Welsh label Ankst, moving to Mercury in 1996.


  • Merched yn 'Neud Gwallt Ei Gilydd (1994)
  • The Game of Eyes/Pentref Wrth y Môr (1994)
  • Llanfwrog EP (1995)
  • Gewn Ni Gorffen (7" Only) (1995)
  • Moon Beats Yellow/If Fingers Were Xylophones (1995)
  • Amber Gambler (1996)
  • Patio Song (1996)
  • Diamond Dew (1997)
  • Young Girls and Happy Endings/Dark Night (1997)
  • Sweet Johnny (1998)
  • Let's Get Together (1998)
  • Spanish Dance Troupe (1999)
  • Poodle Rockin' (2000)


  • Patio (10"LP) (Ankst 040 - 1992)
  • Tatay (CD/MC) (Ankst 047 - 1994)
  • Patio (CD/MC Re-release With 9 Extra Tracks) (Ankst 055 - 1995)
  • Bwyd Time (CD/MC/LP) (Ankst 059 - 1995)
  • Barafundle (CD/MC/LP) (Fontana 534 769-2 - 1997)
  • Gorky 5 (CD/MC/LP) (Fontana 558 822-2 - 1998)
  • Spanish Dance Troupe (Mantana MNTCD 1015 - 1999)
  • The Blue Trees (Mantana MNTCDM 1023 - 2000)


Here's an updated Discography:


  • Stood on Gold (2001)
  • Mow the Lawn (2003)
  • Albums

  • How I Long To Feel That Summer in my Heart (2001)
  • 20 (Singles and EPs '94 to 96') (2003)
  • Sleep/Holiday (2003)
  • Shortly after the release of "Spanish Dance Troupe", mainstay John Lawrence depatered the band, to forge a solo career. He has released two very limited edition albums under the name Infinity Chimps. Also in 2002, drummer Euros Rowlands was replaced by Peter Richardson. Currently, Gorky's Zygotic Mynci are in a state of hibernation, as members concentrate on their individual solo careers, Euros Childs having just released an album entitled "Chops" on independant label Wichita.

    In 2000, Euros Rowlands, the band's drummer, departed

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