Concerning the God can create a stone so heavy even he can't lift it “paradox”.

First of all, assume God exists. If you do not, then the question becomes fundamentally flawed and easily answered. Something that doesn't exist can't do anything, right?

Now we must define God. An Intelligent designer, that can do anything He wants. Meaning, He created the universe, ergo, everything, and has total control over it.

Logic is essentially governed by action and reaction. Every action has a logical reaction. You turn the handle and push/pull, the door opens.

But the logic in the paradox is rooted in Contrary Opposites. Two things that are directly opposing cannot be true and untrue at the same time. Such as, God exists, God does not exist.

So if it is true that God can create a rock so heavy that He cannot lift it, God cannot have total control over His creation, because He cannot lift the rock. But if He cannot make the rock, then He doesn't have the control over His creation to make that rock heavy enough.

So God cannot have total control over His creation. Unless...

If it is assumed God created the world, what did he create it out of? Nothing? What was there to create out of in the beginning?

Logic would tell us that scientific laws, would always be true, because that is their nature. They cannot be both right and wrong because that doesn't make sense, according to Contrary Opposites. In order for God to create anything, the Law that says matter cannot be created or destroyed would have to be untrue, meaning it cannot also be true at the same time. And as is the nature of Scientific Laws to always be true, this doesn't make sense.

This would mean that God has not only ignored logic, but a scientific law in creating the universe, something we assumed to be true for this “paradox”. So if He could do it once, why can't He do it again?

Logic gives Contrary Opposites the means to prove some things and disprove others. If God can ignore logic, than can He not also escape Contrary Opposites? God cannot be governed by logic as we are, and have total control over His creation.

Some would argue that He just doesn't have total control. But He has ignored laws (and logic for that matter) before when He created the universe, so what keeps Him from doing it again?

This solution may make very little sense to some. You may think that it is still impossible if God can ignore logic or not.

Think of it this way. In the movie “The Matrix”, the “agents” are faster, stronger, and smarter than everyone, because they are the fastest you can possibly be, and the strongest, etc. according to the “rules” of the matrix. But Neo, the One, is faster, stronger and smarter than all of them. How can this be? The agents get their power from a system based on rules, were Neo, being the One, can break these rules, making him stronger than the agents.

We live in a world based on logic; we are governed by it. God is outside of our world, and therefore outside of logic.

So yes, God can create a rock so large that even He can't lift it, but at the same time, God is strong enough to lift it anyway.

I wonder...Can God think so hard His head hurts?

Just as a side note, I did clearly define all "gray area" words, did I not?

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