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Grace Corin Hodgson Flandrau lived from 1889 to 1971. She was the sister-in-law of Minnesota politician and writer Charles Flandrau. An author herself, Grace Flandrau had several small books published by the Great Northern Railway Company in the 1920's. These were historical, dealing with the discovery and exploration of the northwest United States and Canada leading up to the building of the Great Northern by James J. Hill. She also wrote short stories about Africa and novels set in St. Paul, Minnesota. One of her novels, Being Respectable, was made into a film in 1924, directed by Phil Rosen and featuring Marie Prevost, Monte Blue, Louise Fazenda, Irene Rich, Theodore Von Eltz and Frank Currier. When she died, Grace Flandrau left money to the University of Arizona which was used to create the Grace H. Flandrau Planetarium in 1974, now called the Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium.

Works Published

by the Great Northern Railway

Astor and the Oregon Country 192-?
Koo-koo-sint, the Star Man: A Chronicle of David Thompson 192-?
A Glance at the Lewis and Clark Expedition 1925?
The Story of Marias Pass 1925
The Verendrye Overland Quest of the Pacific 1925?
Red River Trails 1926
Frontier Days Along the Upper Missouri 1927?
Historical Northwest Adventure Land 1927?
The Lewis and Clark Expedition 1927
Historic Adventure Land of the Northwest 1929
Upper Missouri: Historical Collections (Contains "Frontier Days Along the Upper Missouri", "Chief Joseph's Own Story", "The Story of Marias Pass", "The Lewis and Clark Expedition", "Koo-koo-sint" and "Astor and the Oregon Country".)


Cousin Julia 1917, fiction
Being Respectable 1923, fiction
Entranced 1924, fiction
Seven Sunsets 1925?, travel
Black Weeping 19--?, fiction
Saint Paul: The Personality of A City 19--?, history
Then I Saw The Congo 1929, travel
What Was Truly Mine 1932, fiction
Indeed This Flesh 1934, fiction
Under the Sun: Tales of Love and Death 1936, short stories
What Do You See, Dear Enid? 1943, fiction
Biographical Sketch of Charles E. Flandrau 1962, history

Thanks to the Minnesota Historical Society Library, www.mnhs.org.

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