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By the time I was old enough to sit and drink gin with you, you were too old to drink it anymore. I know how to sew by hand because of you. I wish you hadn't forgotten how to sing St. Louie Woman. I eat Vienna toast and Haagen Daaz coffee ice cream to toast you. I give my mother hell in your name. I miss your planting bulbs that never would sprout. I miss showing you the difference between red and fuschia 'cause god only knows you couldn't see it. I miss your cornbread.

Mom said she was going to give me your ring, because I don't have one of my own, I hope that's all right. I'm never letting go of the Singer even though I threaten to all the time. I miss California with you and Aunt Janie. I don't understand why you're in Missouri and not Texas. Oh yeah, Texas sucks.

I am so sorry I missed you.

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