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1998 album by The Cardigans

Track listing

1. Paralyzed
2. Erase/Rewind
3. Explode
4. Starter
5. Hanging Around
6. Higher
7. Marvel Hill
8. My Favourite Game
9. Do You Believe
10. Junk of the Hearts
11. Nil

Presentation and credits

Gran Turismo comes with one of the prettiest sleeves I have ever seen. Printed in expensive glossy paper, it has some beautiful pictures. The design is pretty good, credited to Martin Renck.

It is published by Stockholm Records, produced, engineered and mixed by the habitual Tore Johansson at his studio, Country Hell. It features the traditional formation.


The Cardigans' fourth album, between First Band on the Moon and Long Gone Before Daylight. Despite its trip-pop-ish electronic sound, very popular at that time, it failed to make a significant splash. Gran Turismo has a mature style which could have appealed to the critics (Hanging Around, Higher), and catchy tunes like My Favourite Game for the masses. Maybe they got confused and everyone listened to the wrong song.

It's really hard to me to highlight tracks, as they are fairly equal in quality and very tightly coupled, though Erase/Rewind's amazing cool sound is great.

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