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grand champions are a brand of model horses with a wide range of products. their tagline is "the most beautiful horses in the world!" while these horses are not as detailed or realistic as their competator, the Breyer brand, they are much more affordable for the target audience--children. grand champions are *toys*. breyers are collectables. the entire line has soft, brushable mane and tail, and most horses come with accessories. most lines have mares, stallions and foals availabe.

some of their very many offerings include:

feed 'n nuzzle: the heads and necks are moveable, and there is a magnet in the nose. these horses can nuzzle each other, 'eat' magnetic food, and be "led" with a halter.

triple action stallion: turn the "magic flower, and he will gallop, rear, and buck.

sound 'n action stallions: larger than the traditional line, these horses are fully articulated and can be posed to stand on their rear legs. they make whinny, snort, and gallop noises when certain movements activate the sounds.

magic mini collection: a set of two small horses sold together, 12 breeds in all. each one has a "magic" action.

micro mini horses: "pocket sized" horses, sold in sets of five--three adults, two foals.

collector edition stallions: higher quality--and more expensive--these are more for collecting than playing. all horses in this line are limited edition, and come with extra accessories and a display stand.

stallion, mare, and foal collections: the "standard" grand champions line. sold individually (although 'family' sets and 'mother/foal' sets exist too), these are their stock model horses. mares and stallions come with tack, "biography" cards, and brushes. foals include only a brush.

information gathered from http://kidscollecting.about.com/kids/kidscollecting/bltoys8.htm and a long history of collecting model horses *grins*

Actually, funny thing, my take on the node title is completely different. My proudest arcade accomplishment came that first day when the Addams Family Pinball machine at the student union proclaimed to the indifferent world, with loud sound effects and theme music:


J W-H-
-E F G -H- I J K-

GRAND CHAMPION 496,238,630
(pop! pop!)

Of course, the two free games each ended in mere seconds due to the workings of what I like to call pinball karma.

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