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Grandma's Marathon is an annual running event that takes place each year in Duluth, MN. Duluth is located in northeastern Minnesota on the shore of Lake Superior. The name Grandma's Marathon comes from the downtown Grandma's Restaurant that is the primary sponsor for the race. The race is typically scheduled for the second weekend in June.

The course is a point to point course that follows Route 61 along the Lake Superior shoreline from Two Harbors, MN to Duluth's Canal Park. It is run over relatively flat terrain with some rolling hills. The course is entirely along paved road. Starting temperatures typically range from 45 to 55 degrees, but can climb to 80 to 90 degrees by the conclusion of the race. Because of the location right along the lake, the weather conditions can change very quickly.

Although the course does not run entirely through an urban area, there is never a lack of spectators cheering the runners on. In fact, Grandma's has been known to have some of the best spectators of all marathons. Along with the enthusiastic fans, aid stations and roadside entertainment create a great environment for running.

Talent wise, Grandma's has been able to attract some of the top talent in the country and in the world. It is not uncommon to see Kenyan and Russian runners battling for top honors along with good American talent.

Although the race is the primary draw during Grandma's weekend, it is only a part of the festivities. It is held in conjunction with The Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon. Also included in the activities is a beer garden and live entertainment with bands such as GB Leighton.


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