The writing name of Rob Grant and Doug Naylor.

After writing for the radio show Son Of Cliche and the TV show Spitting Image (and the hit single Hold A Chicken In The Air which went to number one) they wrote the first six series of Red Dwarf plus the two spin-off books Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers and Better Than Life under this name, and named their production company after it.

However early author bios claiming they were a two headed gestalt entity were clearly mistaken, as the two have not written together in nearly a decade. Both have written poor sitcoms, and both have written a seperate 'third' Red Dwarf book, Grant's Backwards (funny but badly plotted) and Naylor's The Last Human (well-plotted but not very funny)

Naylor has since written the woeful series VII and VIII of Red Dwarf, which are nothing in comparison to the first 6 series, while Grant has written the humorous science fiction novel Colony, apparently intended as the first in a series.

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