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Grant Hart, who is currently a solo singer-songwriter, was also a co-founder of Husker Du and Nova Mob. He is known for his brilliant pop songwriting sensibilities, and for his distinctive jazz-influenced drumming style during his years with Husker&Du. Stand out albums include Intolerence and Last Days Of Pompeii with Nova Mob. Most Husker Du albums are also considered classics of their genre.

NOTE:At the time I had no idea who Grant Hart was/is.

I met Grant Hart at a house party of the band The Sandwiches in the summer of 1997. I was outside having a smoke when a guy (Grant) came out and sat on the front stairs. Ensuing discussion:

GH: "wanna smoke?" pulling out old school coke can bowl.

Me: "uh... sure" handing back can "incidentally, I'm Bob"

GH: "hi, I'm Grant" shake hands

Me: "Where did you go to school?"

GH: "Macalester"

Me: "What did you study?"

GH: "Physics"...

Our conversation continued till we both got bored and our swill beer grew empty or warm. We both went back inside. Fifteen minutes later someone said "Grant is playing in the basement" - (where The Sandwiches' practice space was).

Entering the small, smoky, humid basement, I noticed that everyone from the party was packed down there. Sitting, standing ... around and among this guy I was just talking to outside. Grant sat in a chair, with acoustic guitar and sang and played ballad after ballad about old girlfriends and pained days. I was blown away.

As we were leaving I asked my friend "Who was that guy?"

Forgive my ignorance fellow noders, I'm not so hip. Though I have had the opportunity to see Grant perform plenty of times since - in bars and parks. I don't think he remembers our conversation on physics....

but I do.

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