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A small press comics company that briefly had big-press ambitions, back in the summer of '98.

Some of the famous names published in their Crack! humour comic, and Smack action comic, were Frank Quitely, Dave Alexander, Hunt Emerson and Kate Charlesworth.

Based in Scotland, the publisher's original intention was to break several comics unknowns, and after a short while this extended to providing work for animators based in and around Edinburgh.

They were offered production funding for the animation during a sales trip to California, but no animations ever seem to have surfaced.

Another project which they seem not to have followed through on is the re-publication of an early Grant Morrison/Steve Yeowell series.

If you can get hold of Crack!, it's well worth it - although unsurprisingly it does have a lot in common with Scotland's other adult comic, Electric Soup.

Smack never got as wide a distribution, so is much harder to track down.

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