One of the first and best scientific books to describe the human body in detail. Has some pretty cool pictures as well. The precurser to much lamer public school text books. In a previous incarnation DirtMerchant was a silent contributer to the author.

A 1996 Stephen Soderbergh film which adapts the monologue by Spalding Gray and Renee Shafransky by the same name. The film features Gray, who discusses his macula pucker, an eye condition which threatens his sight in one eye, and his journey through sweat lodges, psychic surgery, Christian Science, and an all raw vegetable diet in search of a cure other than macula scraping.

Gray's storytelling is enhanced by Soderbergh's impressive directorial talents, especially when it comes to the interview. A common theme in his films, Soderbergh is adept at making questions and answers about a topic (or in this case, just answers) come alive. Potentially a horrible bore, this is a great film, which will make you cringe and laugh at the same time.

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