He made me wait in the car for an hour. An HOUR. Said he was gonna run inside and get some guitar strings and be back in five minutes. Five minutes, my ass. I'm sitting in his Chevelle watching old guys walk by going oooh and ahhh at his Dad's car. Like I care. He doesn't even have a CD player in that car so I have to, like, listen to the radio. Boring.

So he comes back and apologizes and says he's gonna take me to this Sushi place out on Van Nuys and we cruise out there and he kisses me at a couple of stoplights and stuff-- then he pulls into this parking lot next to a Music equipment store and he says he's gonna talk to some guy about an amp and that he will only be a minute.

I am like, Like hell, and I walk across the street to a Wendy's to get a coke and I call my buds on the cell and I am so out of there.

So, yeah. I just left him there. My galgirls picked me up and we went shopping. Did I leave him a note or something? Sure- on his rear view. Wrote with some lipstick, in big letters:


Yeah, I thought so too. Oh, and I took the keys with me when I ditched him, so I guess he'll be calling me about those, too.

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