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Greatest Story Ever Told (The Pump Song)
lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Bob Weir

Reprinted with permissions copyright Ice Nine Publishing

Moses come riding up on a quasar
His spurs was a-jingling, the door was ajar
His buckle was silver, his manner was bold
I asked him to come on in out of the cold
His brain was boiling, his reason was spent
Nothing is borrowed, nothing is lent
I asked him for mercy, he gave me a gun
Now and again these things just got to be done

Abraham and Isaac sitting on a fence
Get right to work if you have any sense
You know the one thing we need is a left-hand monkey wrench

Gideon come in with his eyes on the floor
Says, "you ain't got a hinge, you can't close the door"
Moses stood up a full six foot ten
Said "you can't close the door when the wall's caved in"
I asked him for water he poured me some wine
We finished the bottle then broke into mime
You get what you come for, you're ready to go
And it's one in ten thousand done come for the show

Abraham and Isaac digging on a well
Mama come quick with the water witch spell
Cool clear water where you can't never tell
According to Hunter's note in Box of Rain:

"Also known as "Pumpman" and "Moses"--I wrote this to the rhythm of the pump in Mickey Hart's well."
First performed February 18, 1971 at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, N.Y.


Studio 1972 Ace (Bob Weir)
Studio 1972 Rolling Thunder (Mickey Hart) "
27 Sep 1972 Dick's Picks Vol 11
? Oct 1981 Dead Set
8 Jul 1990 View From The Vault

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