Grey Fox was the Fox-Hound captive to be rescued from the original Metal Gear video game for the NES. A rather confusing character, the only time you see him in the game is when you rescue him. When you find him, he looks like any other hostage AND talks like one too (with the exception of giving you his name). But this write up is more on his character in Metal Gear Solid, or better yet how to defeat him as a boss in the game.

Walking through a hall on the way to a lab Solid Snake come across screams of pain, bloody wall, corpses, and a guy being killed by what seems to be a ghost. You enter a lab filled with glass walls and computers to find Grey Fox, a cyborg ninja. Like all bosses from Metal Gear Solid, you have a nice chat and there is much drama before (and after) the actual fight. This cyborg / ninja / friend / enemy / ghost can disappear, so put on your heat vision goggles to track him around. He asks you to fight like a man without weapons. Don't think for a second that your machine gun can take his katana. He will deflect your bullets and cut you in half. Take him up on his offer and put away the guns and grenades. This will be a classic fist fight between two equals. If you start too near death, use chaff grenades. He'll freeze because he is made of electronics, and you can beat him up like a coward. Only use these near the end of the battle, or he will bring out his sword and you will run out of ammo to combat him with. Later in the game Grey Fox will help you defeat Liquid Snake. So, Goggles, fists, chaff. Easy enough.

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