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Did I err?

Irregular comic series by Sergio Aragones with Mark Evanier (text), Stan Sakai (lettering) and Tom Luth (colouring) currently being published and also reprinted by Dark Horse.

The series features the adventures of Groo, a more than slightly mentally diminished, big-nosed barbarian living just for fray's and cheese dip. His choice of weapons is a set of two katana that thus far helped him keep the upper hand in any fray he encountered (against up to three armies sometimes). Whereever he goes, people move away, ships he boards are doomed from the beginning, and nothing can really stand in his way as he is a walking (human?) catastrophe and usually leaves only destruction in his wake (All with good intentions, though, he is no Conan).

This book is hilariously funny, I recommend it fully and unequivocally.

And Mulch!

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