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Swimming with barracuda!
Here's another fish story.

Hey! Psst... Yeah, you... you're , right? I've heard about you. Well, c'mon in and make yourself at home. Just don't break anything or put your feet up on the furniture...

Here, read this while you're waiting...

"The sea holds a magic for those of us who know her. A magic so simple, pure and powerful it works as an unseen force in our souls. We're drawn to her. The spirit of the sea moves in us as we move within her,undulating folds in pursuit of our peace. As surfers, we inherently know this to be so. The sea brings comfort, solace, release and escape. The sea brings healing. The spirit of the sea, for some of us, is the very essence of life."

-Keith Glendon (Carbon, vol.2, no.1, p.70)..

Grouchy: Most people are morons, most politicians are crooked, most things aren't what they seem, blah, blah, blah.
In real life I am a little grumpy sometimes, but E2 is a secret garden and I'm filled with wonder. Don't be afraid to say Hi...

Old: I'm old enough to be your Dad. 25 year veteran of the coding wars. One of the original guinea pigs for UCSD Pascal on DEC PDP-11's. When I grew up a bit I got a job on Scripps oceanographic research vessels, so I could see the world. Went everywhere. At least three times. Husband. Father.

Man: Biologically, psychologically and philosophically.

Before I die, I want to write something, however modest, that is utterly perfect.
But in the meantime, here are some recent efforts:

Surfing & The Life Aquatic:

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People, Places & Things:

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Autumn Sonata
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Stained Glass Primer
Panama Hat
Cape Cod Canal

E2 Copyright Adventures:

Marshall Applewhite
The Stile Project
Senorita with a necklace of tears
E2 Quest: Copyright Redemption


How to survive a science fair
Fire ant
How to pick up sheilas
The Giant Pumpkin Murders


Good Friday
Ethics and Morals

How To:

Apple Orchard
Raised Bed Garden
Painter's Toolkit
CCBBA Karate Curriculum
How to throw the tarot
Copying a DVD to VHS
Netflix and the hacked DVD player


Sorry, mebbe someday...