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Silly rabbit, Adventure Playgrounds aren't just for kids!

Ground tag is a classic children's adventure-playground game, being "tag" but if you touch the ground you become "it." I found this a bit ... dull ... so some friends and I boosted it up to an adult game. (get your mind out of the gutter!)

MATERIALS: You will need an adventure playground and 3 people, preferably trustworthy (as such, children usually make bad playmates). 2 people is possible but not recommended.

OBJECTIVE: To not be caught by the "it" person, while being daring and exciting at the same time.

RULES AND GAMEPLAY: The game essentially plays like the child's game of ground tag - Run around on the adventure playground trying not to be caught by the "it" person. If you touch the ground, you become "it."

Now here's the twist.

The "It" person is blind. They close their eyes (trustworthy people only) or a tight scarf over the eyes, or what have you. This turns the game into something completely different.

Instead of running around like chickens with their heads cut off, the non-it people start being "daring" and seeing how close they can get to the "it" person. The game becomes very tense and exciting, as the slightest shuffling of the feet can make the "It" person lurch in your direction. Many times people have ducked under "It"'s arms and shadowed their movements while making monkey faces, to the amusement of all.

This is a nice fun game and doesn't take any time to organize. Another nice facet of this game is that there is no skill required - an exceptionally good "It" person can memorize the complex and run around on it with his radar-like-ears and snag people within seconds - or the "It" person can be slow and clumsy, flailing their arms randomly. Because the object of the game is to see how close you can get, the non-it people realize that the less talented the "It" person is, the closer they can get to them. Often you will get a group of 4 people all standing around the "It" person, as if in a group hug, keeping just out of arm's reach. Good times all around!

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