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Growing Op is a 2008 Canadian independent film about a suburban family home in California where a lot of pot gets grown.

It went straight to DVD in America and Germany (where it was billed as "Operation Marijuana"). It was shown in theaters in Canada, where it won two awards and was nominated for one other.

It's like Weeds albeit less believable and more tongue-in-cheek. The parents are very paranoid and super-conscious about getting busted and so they home-school their two children. The parents espouse an ideology radically opposed to that of their neighbors in their planned community because they seek to subvert the system from the inside.

Naturally they raise their two children to think like them. Things are going swimmingly for them until their son decides to rebel. He's had enough of his parents lavishing more attention to their crops and sheltering him so as to skirt the law. He's even had enough of pot. So he demands to attend a regular high school with regular kids. His motivation in doing so is to get to know the cute girl who moved in next door better. Being shy and paranoid (like his parents) he hides this reason from his family. But his parents figured out his infatuation once he asks if their new neighbor can join them for dinner. His mother wonders to the father if it wouldn't be less trouble to buy their son a hooker instead.

I don't want to spoil the movie because there is fun to be had what with the twists in there—which may or may not be predictable, depending upon how aware you are. It's definitely worth watching as an example of the ambiguities surrounding pot culture and family life in the US today.

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