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A mountain chain that rises over the Chihuahuan Desert in northwestern Texas. The Guadalupe's are the remnant of an ancient Permian fossilized reef comprised mostly of resistant limestone.

The reef formed over 250 million years ago when Texas and New Mexico were submerged under sea water. The reef was then covered with salty sediments as the sea evaporated. After millions of years, the reef was uplifted and many of the overlying sediments were eroded away leaving the western portion of the reef exposed.

What to see when you visit:
  • El Capitan.
  • Carlsbad Caverns. Yes, it is located in New Mexico, but this is part of the reef formation. The speleotherms are tremendous! I highly recommend the natural entrance trail when you visit.
  • Guadalupe Peak. The highest point in Texas (8,749 feet).
  • Rattlesnake Canyon. A bit of a hike, but there is a lovely park for picnics where you park.
  • The "Bowl." A beautiful high country conifer forest that makes the strenuous hike to get there worthwhile.
Other geologic formations that can be seen in this region are faults, alluvial fans, and huge evaporite formations of gypsum, calcite and hydrite.

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