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Guer"don (?), n. [OF. guerdon, guerredon, LL. widerdonum (influenced by L. donum gift, cf. Donation ), fr. OHG. widarln; widar again, against (G. wider wieder) + l&omac;n reward, G. lohn, akin to AS. le�xa0;n Goth. laun. See Withers.]

A reward; requital; recompense; -- used in both a good and a bad sense.


So young as to regard men's frown or smile As loss or guerdon of a glorious lot. Byron.

He shall, by thy revenging hand, at once receive the just guerdon of all his former villainies. Knolles.


© Webster 1913.

Guer"don (?), v. t. [OF. guerdonner, guerredonner. See Guerdon, n.]

To give guerdon to; to reward; to be a recompense for.


Him we gave a costly bribe To guerdon silence. Tennyson.


© Webster 1913.

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