Guitar Wolf is:
  • Seiji - Guitar Wolf
  • Billy - Bass Wolf (died March 31, 2005*)
  • Toru - Drum Wolf

Guitar Wolf are the Japanese Ramones. They play Jet Rock 'N' Roll, that is, fast no-nonsense Punk Rock. They dress in black leather. Billy and Toru use butch wax to maintain their Pompadours. Seiji has a classic shag mullet. They have release five LP's in the U.S.:

They have toured the U.S. seven times. Their last tour was in 1999, when I was able to see them perform in Seattle at The Breakroom. They are amazing live. No other band could possibly sweat that much. If you ever see them at a venue that permits stage diving and such and you can tune a guitar, get up to the front at the start of the show because they have a reputation for pulling people on stage to tune up, and, if they succeed, play a song with them! (Side Note: This happened to my friend in D.C. who got to play Kick Out the Jams; I was pulled up on stage in Seattle but was too drunk to tune up) Also, that year they released a Movie in Japan called Wild Zero. It is one of the best zombie movies of all time.

* The band announced that all future shows have been cancelled due to Billy's death; it remains to be seen if they will replace him, or call it a day.

256 mentions that they've found a new bass player known as 'Ug of Shimane' (as one would) and that (praise the fates) they are now touring again. For myself I have head rumors as to this Ug of Shimane being bad people. Every year, many visitors come to Shimane Prefecture to appreciate its natural beauty, in particular its beaches in summer and hot springs in winter. Shimane is famous for more than 50 Onsen (hot springs) sites. Shimane still retains its rich culture from ancient times. Since the seacoast of Shimane lies close to the continent of Asia, in ancient times this area was point of entry for other civilizations. If you want to see the origin of Japan, Shimane is the best place to visit it says here.

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