Also known as gummy bears, but I believe the appropriate spelling is still gummi.

Gummi bears are small, chewy candies that really aren't good for you, (not to be confused with the TV show created by Disney).

Gummi Bears are just plain delicious and addictive.

Here's how gummi bears are manufactured:
  1. Corn starch, corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, colors, and flavors are weighed, mixed, and forced through a candy cooker. The candy cooker is a 128-foot (39-meter) coil of stainless steel pipe. Steam flows around the pipe, heating the ingredients to 245º F (117º C) and cooking the candy. At the end of the pipe is a vacuum chamber, where excess moisture is removed from the candy.
  2. The candy flows through a mix station, where colors, flavors, acids, and fruit concentrates are added to the candy.
  3. Now the candy is ready to be molded into shape. The machine that molds the candy is called a "mogul." The mogul has mold boards filled with powdered starch. First, an impression of hundreds of little bears is made in the mold board's powdered starch by a stamping machine. These impressions in the starch will hold the candy in place as it cools and dries. The mold board then passes under a hopper full of the cooked and flavored candy. Dozens of nozzles attached to the hopper squirt candy into the impressions in the mold board's starch.
  4. While still in their mold board, the gummi bears are set aside for twenty-four hours to cool and dry.
  5. The mold board is put back into the mogul. The mogul dumps the contents of the mold board into a rotating sieve. The sieve separates the gummi bears from the starch used to shape them.
  6. From the mogul, the gummi bears move via conveyor belt to a tumbler, where they are coated to prevent them from sticking to each other.
  7. The gummi bears are now ready to be packed, shipped, and eaten.

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