Gunkholing is a term used by sailors to discribe a meandering cruise from one point to another. Gunkholes are small quiet sloughs and rivers that are used as anchorages.

Gunkholing is a really nice way to take a trip by sailboat, cruising for a few hours a day leaving time to explore the little nooks and crannies that look interesting. being the only people to inhabit a quiet little anchorage; so serene you can hear the nature on the shore and the quiet lapping of water against your hull.

Gunkholing is primarily a sailboat thing. You could use a powerboat if you felt like it, but that would kind of defeat the purpose.

If you want to gunkhole in a sailboat you'll need a shallow draft boat, preferably one with a raiseable keel. A 44 ft. boat shouldn't draw more than 5 feet with the keel raised. The shallower the boat the farther in you can go.

Powerboats can be shaft drive but, idealy should have tilt up drives. A powerboat can get you into really shallow places far up river and even beached on the shore to camp so you don't need a dinghy.

So if you do try gunkholing, choose a time that has a good weather forecast and follow your whims, go explore! Relax, take it easy; that's what it's all about.

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