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Reflexology is the science of using pressure points located in the feet to heal or ease aliments in the rest of the body.

Use these foot massage pressure point tricks to warm her out of her funk:

  • Weight Issues? Is she having trouble dieting? Help control her cravings by stimulating her thyroid and pituitary glands. Knead the skin all around the base of her big toe, then pinch the web between the big toe and the next. Don't pinch too hard, or you might not trust you with her feet again.
  • PMS? Because this involves so many confusing symptoms, go for the full-body relaxation by working on her solar plexus, from which tons of nerves that affect anxiety, insomnia, breathing, and so on, sprout. Put both thumbs in the center of her foot, about a third of the way down form her toes and just below the arch. Now press there firmly, with both thumbs, then work your fingers out to the sides as if you were kneading a pizza. Come to think of it, order a pizza too. Rubbing feet is hard work.
  • Sex drive gone? (Do NOT pull this with a woman you have not slept with. It is not fair to her or yourself) What you need is to stimulate is the inner sex organs. To get them going, press the fleshy area between the ankle bone and the heel (on both the inner and outer sides). Then, work your way across the top of her foot. You stud.
  • Hung over? Help her detox by activating her liver reflex point. Holding her heel with one hand, use the thumb on your other hand to apply pressure to these soft area on the outside of the foot just below where it curves. Make firm but smooth circles with your thumb, and work the rest of the heel, but only for a few moments. I'm sure she will appreciate this being done to both feet, but it is not necessary.

    My interpretation of: 4 years of pressure point study under Sempi Yeun, and celebrity massage therapist Michelle Kluck (founder of Basic Knead "www.basicknead.com")
    More to be added later... If you have any additions, please /msg me and I will be happy to add them with credit to the suggestor.

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