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A superb 1985 movie starring Kurt Thomas as a master of gymnastics and karate. In the movie, the country Parmistan holds a game, where the winner gets to have any wish they want granted. But the game doesn't necessarily have a winner. Contestants from different countries must scale walls, cross cliffs by climbing ropes, and evade ninjas chasing them.

I am one of the few people in the world who like this movie. I give credit to the director for incorporating plenty of objects for Kurt Thomas to use gymnastics on and fight. For example: While in a village full of cannibals, Thomas find a polma horse in the town center. He fends off roughly thirty 50 year old cannibals in this scene.Their feeble attempts are no match for his awesome, gymnastic power! This movie reflects the crazy martial arts movies of the 80's, but I think Gymkata finds its way next to greats like Black Belt Jones. With parrallel bars a plenty, Gymkata provides laughs like no other film I have seen.

Film Time: 90 minutes
Director: Robert Clouse
Cast: Kurt Thomas, Richard Norton, and some other people

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