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HMS Gloucester (pennant number D96) is a Type 42 destroyer of the United Kingdom's Royal Navy, commissioned 11 September, 1985. She is one of the third batch of Type 42 ships, incorporating several improvements in sensors and weapons systems, plus a lengthened hull for better endurance and seakeeping.

Her most noteworthy action came during the Gulf War of 1991. Iraqi Silkworm missile batteries had fired upon the battleship USS Missouri (BB-63). One missile was successfully lured away by chaff launched from Missouri. The other continued through and locked onto the battleship. Shortly before it crossed into Missouri's 127mm gun range, Gloucester destroyed the missile with a salvo of GWS-30 Sea Dart missiles. This is the first, and so far only, confirmed engagement of an SSM by a SAM in combat conditions.

As of 2010, HMS Gloucester remains in service, to be replaced at some point in the future by an as-yet-unnamed Type 45 destroyer.

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