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Abbreviation of hue-saturation-value, a color model like RGB and CMYK using the three variables hue (a spectrum consisting of all possible hues between the colors red, green, blue, and back to red again), saturation (ranging to no saturation (grey) to full saturation (full color)), and value (ranging from black to full brightness (not necessarily white, if saturation is >0).

Holden Special Vehicles.

A division of Holden based in Melbourne, Australia formed in 1988 and successor to Peter Brock's HDT. Have a reputation for making great sports sedans from regular family cars like the Commodore.

Cars produced by HSV include the GTS, Senator and the petrolhead favorite: the Clubsport.

With regards to HSV as a color model, the hue (H) component is better described as the angle within the RGB color wheel, where R is at 0 degrees, G is at 120 degrees, and B is at 240 degrees. This happens to roughly correspond with the sensitivity curves of the cones in the average human retina, and thus it does a good job of representing the entire human-visible spectrum. This is also a useful way to represent color models which are based on any three wavelengths, as well as to create an optimal mapping (of the false-color sense) between different color gamuts, particularly where the number of basis wavelengths differs between them.

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