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The Hacklopedia of Beasts is the HackMaster RPG's equivalent of the infamous Monstrous Manual- a series of eight volumes, each of which covers a specific alphabetical listing of the over 1600 monsters that inhabit Garweeze Wurld. Each animal is described thoroughly by Hit Dice,HackFactor, physical description, most common mindset, and of course, the amount of experience given and any treasures it might possess.

The basic listing is as follows:
  • Volume I: Aarakians to Cats, Great
  • Volume II: Cats, Small to Efreeti
  • Volume III: Elemental to Hippopotamus
  • Volume IV: Hoar Fox to Medusa
  • Volume V: Meenlock to Nefarian: Other, Soul Larva
  • Volume VI: Nefarian: Other, Soul Snatcher to Rhinoceros
  • Volume VII: Ribsplitter to Tiger Fly
  • Volume VIII: Tiger Horse, Flying Albino to Zygom

Each book demonstrates Kenzerco's loving attention to the little things. The predominant complaint most people have about the Hacklopedia of Beasts as a whole is the combined cost of the whole set- whereas one can plausibly begin a D&D 3rd Edition game by purchasing the three Core Books for a tidy sum of approximately one hundred dollars, the comparable cost to purchase everything for HackMaster can be as much as two hundred dollars. All in all, though, if you like HackMaster, then you should chip in with your gamemaster to help shoulder some of the expense- if it scores you a few brownie points, who can complain?

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