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In the Arcadian legend of Zeus it was said that the god was born on Mount Lyceus, at a place called Cretea (which enabled the Arcadians to reconcile their legend with that of the god's Cretan origin by claiming that there had been confusion between Cretea and the island of Crete). He had been brought up by three local Nymphs: Hagno, Thisoa, and Neda. Hagno was the Nymph of a spring on Mount Lyceus which was noteworthy for always having water, both in winter and in summer. During a severe drought, which had lasted so long that the crops were endangered, the priest of Lycian Zeus finally addressed solemn prayers to the god: and during a sacrifice he dipped a little twig of oak into the water of the spring. The water immediately went turbid, and started moving to and fro and a great storm sprang up, which drenched the land with copious rain.


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