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Bowdoin College's fight song. Original words by Henry H. Pierce (Class of 1896). New words by Anthony Antolini (Class of 1963).

Hail Black and White

With our banner black and white
'Mid the tumult of the fight
Do you hear the measured tramp of marching feet?
Do you hear the thund'rous roar
Of the surf upon the shore
Of our mighty host that cannot know defeat?

Do you hear our crashing song,
As we proudly march along?
Do you hear the ringing message that we send?
As the waves of battle roll,
We are with you heart and soul,
And we'll follow, follow, follow to the end:

Hail Black and White!
On through the fight!
Through stress and strain,
Peril and pain.
Borne to the end with ne'er a stain.
Loyal and true,
Always to you,
Each son/daughters of Bowdoin will dare, will do;
Vict'ry's fair light
Ever in sight:
Bowdoin will triumph!
Hail Black and White!

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