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Harold Jordan. In the DCU, he was the Silver Age Green Lantern and considered the greatest of the now-defunct Green Lantern Corp.

He was an Air Force pilot, then a test pilot before Abin Sur crashed on Earth dying. Sur's ring searched the planet for a person meeting the two requirements to be a GL (you must be honest and without fear). Jordan was the closest, so Abin gave him the ring.

After a distinguished career, Jordan went insane and became the entity known as Parallax, a being with near limitless power and the ability to travel through time. He tried to re-start the universe (see Zero Hour), but was thawrted by his former JLA teamates. He later sacraficed his life to re-ignite the sun during the Final Night.

After his death, he is mated with the Wrath of Vengence, The Spectre. He attempts to change the Spectre into becoming the Spirit of Redemption. Like converting a Republican into a Democrat. Well that didn't stick.

The Spectre was attacked and possessed .. by .. (wait for it..) .. Parallax. Yes, Parallax, a being that fed on fear. It turns out Hal Jordan wasn't sane when he murdered the Green Lantern Corps. He was being influenced by a creature of fear.

Under this nasty little fellows influence and moniker, Hal Jordan, Green Lantern murdered friends, colleagues and enemies. All his ex-allies and ex-friends saw him as a rogue hero gone mad. Our story however does not end here, not when there's more bucks to be made.

Parallax eventually succeeds in taking over the Spectre for a while. However, the Spectre fights off Parallax and frees Jordan from fear's grip. With Jordan freed, the Spectre leaves seeking a new, more compatible host.

The battle however did take its toll on Jordan. About to die, Jordan was guided by his old mentors (the Guardians) back to his preserved body to reanimate it. Alive again Jordan finds out that it was Sinestro (his old nemesis) who had helped to free the Parallax creature and manipulated Jordan.

Jordan resumes his role as Green Lantern in a fight against Sinestro and Parallax. With a victory over these two, he grandly reenters his comic book.

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