You can't say enough good things about cheap beer. Hamm's is the cheapest ($10.39 a case here in NW Washington), and on top of that, the best american swill that I know of. Hamm's Brewing Company has been around for a long time, 1865 to be exact, and that's not an accident. The keys to its longevity have been the price, which is rock bottom, and a thin lack of any character whatsoever.

Hamm's is not known as a good beer. However, it's also not known as a particularily bad beer. In my research (which mainly consists of drinking heavily), I have found it to be a personal favorite whenever my desire to drink outweighs my wallet. As far as online reviews go, the average review is a good solid 2.5 out of five, as average as you can get. In real life, I've never seen anyone say, "Yeah, I'll take a beer. Oh, you only have Hamm's? Never mind". If you ask me, I think a beer rated right in the middle of the pack, with the lowest price of all, deserves recognition for it's price/performance ratio.

Hamm's was purchased by the Stroh's Brewing Company in 1983. With the demise of Stroh's in the 1990's, the Miller Brewing Company, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, bought the Hamm's line, which includes Hamm's, Hamm's Draft, and Hamm's Special Light.

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