This biography chronicles the adventures of the band Led Zeppelin. The book was written by Stephen Davis, and has many pictures from various news archives. Any Led Zeppelin fan will find that this book is nearly impossible to put down, because it is not only about the origin of the band, but it also talks about their crazy antics while they were on the road.

Hammer of the Gods addresses such issues as the infamous "Shark Incident," Jimmy Page's obsession with Aleister Crowley, and various strange sexual scenarios involving groupies. This book also contains many of the exploits of John Bonham, and tells about his the time he bought a katana and ran around the hotel slashing apart the furniture.

This book details every aspect of the band members' lives; from when a sixteen year-old Jimmy Page hitch-hiked from England to India to when John Bonham drank himself to death. Despite the sad personal tragedies the bandmates expeienced, this book ultimately reveals what it was like to be a member of one of the greatest rock bands of all time. After reading this book, it is easy to see that their legacy lives on in the media even today. In Almost Famous, a member of Stillwater exclaims, "I'm a golden god!" This is exactly what Robert Plant said when Peter Simon took a picture of him in March of 1975.

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