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Hammond's Guide
The Exploration of Space

(picture of circular space station and clipper ship)

The Solar System

Space Station                      Space Ships

Instrumented Satellites
A Settlement on the Moon

15 Illustrations in Full Color

Informational Charts · Descriptions · Explanatory Text

I recieved a copy of this guide from my grandmother about 4 years ago. While not in excellent condition (has torn creases on a couple spots), it is an excellent antique poster from the early days of the space race.

The thing itself is from 1959, which I estimate because the latest launch date is listed as 10-13-59, and has estimations for satellite lifetimes to 1960.

Despite this, it has no other references to dates, most notably in the explanations of the technology. This pretty much renders it immune to the clichés of late 1950s-1960s space "futures," namely going out of date (theory wise).

It has several informational pieces on the back, which are mainly descriptions of items from the artwork on the other side.

They include:

A look at our solar system
Settlement on the moon
Space Station
Space Ships
Space Taxi
Instrumentative Satellites
Nuclear Powered Satellites
Television Satellite
Battery Powered Satellites
Space Suit
Interplanetary Ship Central Control
The Tracking Camera
and finally
Time Table of Space Exploration with Status of Satellites

On the opposite side, there are many conceptual drawings, none of which resemble the actual counterparts of those that have them today.
Purely theoretical in design, they are your typical 50s era space station design in many cases, with long cylindrical designs with rounded ends, often resembling large tube balloons, or structurally similar to the early soyuz capsules launched by the Russians.

An interesting bit of history I found, and I figured that I'd share with the people of E2 (as I can, of course).

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