Current residence: Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Birthday: When contacted he would not elaborate more than saying he was around 40 years young as of 2002.

Han studied art at the Rotterdam Art Academy from 1982-1987. After exploring multiple artistic mediums he began a comic strip in 1996. At the same time he began work on a website called Modern Living to display his comics. Realizing the possibilties of html and gif animation, he began to animate his comics. In 1998 he started making the animations interactive with the use of Flash and eventually created the Nuerotica series. The Nuerotica series stands 90 animations strong and can be seen with another series called Square Pig in a Round Hole on his website. Currently he is working on a new series, Nials, which can be seen with his other work at

Each animation is user interactive (except the first couple in the Nuerotica series) and represent the "daily life" of an artist trying to get by and show his works to the public. Some are commentaries on public opinion, straight cynical philosophy, and a healthy dose of mind-numbing eye candy.

Much THANKS to the Hoog for his time and correspondence!!!

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