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Once upon a time I went to college. And at this college there was a campus newspaper. And in this newspaper office...was a handcart. You know the type: a simple rectangular frame of three steel bars with wheels and a steel lifting plate at the bottom, painted a dull flaking red, about shoulder-high with a handle jutting from the center bar.

Also in this office was an executive editor, a big burly fella who would do anything for a laugh. One day said executive editor thought it would be funny to wrestle the handcart into submission. However, the wily handcart quickly got the upper hand; the rest of the editorial staff was soon treated to the sight of the executive editor bent over with his head stuck between two of the cart's vertical steel bars. Literally stuck.

This isn't the funny part.

No, the funny part came after the entertainment editor and the managing editor, chortling with callous glee, helped the executive editor extract himself from the handcart's deadly grip. The funny part came at the point at which the executive editor loudly proclaimed that he'd never actually been stuck in the first place. That he could have extracted himself all along.

This was the point at which he stuck his head through the bars a second time...and got stuck AGAIN.

There's always a loaded camera in a newspaper office. This time we did not release our Fearless Leader until after we had taken incriminating photographs.

I still have them. :)

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