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A good bumper sticker I've seen referring to car phones, or the use of any mobile phone while driving a car.

People who talk on the phone will driving are dumbass drivers, among other unpleasant names. Something like 80% of the time I see someone driving like they're drunk they're actually just talking on their car phone.

With my dad one day, getting off the Powhite Parkway.
A car dead, broken down, broken booth. For whatever reason there was a car parked with its flashers on in the exact change lane, so everyone was backed up in the cash lane.

Then a lady drives up in the exact change lane. My dad and I watch, assume the lady hadn't been able to see the parked car and will soon back up or try to butt in line.

She doesn't. She sits there. Staring straight ahead, or so it appears from my uncomfortably twisted neck's position.

She must be a friend of whoever's car broke down! "Thats it!" I think.
But she just sits there.

Two more cars and we'll be through the toll. They take a long time. We continue watching the mysterious lady sitting in her car in the blocked lane.

As my dad and I both watch, an expression of stupid suprise dawns on her face. She looks around her. She returns to reality.

She holds her cell phone out as she gazes at the long line of cars next to her.

It took her several minutes of talking on the phone before noticing the car in front of her with its flashers flashing brightly and the unreasonably long backup of cars in the lane next to her.

If this isn't proof that people should not be talking while driving, how many more crashes and unintentional murders will it take to convince you?

Also a hilarious song, under the same theme, by Good Clean Fun. I'll post the lyrics when I can find them.

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