Hapa means "half-asian, half-white"; it is derived from the Hawaiian word Hapa haole, meaning "half-white, half-foreigner." Originally a derogatory word, it has since lost that connotation and has become a convenient way for hapas to describe themselves. It's just easier to say two syllables instead of six syllables (for half-white, half-Japanese). It should also be an official census category and category for all applications that apply for ethnicity, but the racist views of the dominant power in this country prevent such an open-minded liberal view of race. Race itself is nothing but a cultural construction used to categorize and subjugate entire groups in a hierarchy of skin color. As long as such a prevailing view exists, Hapas need to form a separate identity to fight for civil rights and protection, and to get recognition that they need not ignore an entire half of their personhood for the convenience of racist bureaucrats . The word hapa tends to be used more frequently among Asian-American populations and hapas than among other populations.

Also, jokingly defined by one of my hapa friends as "Hot Piece of Ass"

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