A brutal action movie from Hong Kong, directed by the legendary John Woo and starring the just-as-legendary Chow Yun Fat. It's about a cop investigating corruption in the force, and discovering that not everything is what it seems. A cheesy plot, but plenty of good gunplay.

an amazing comic book by frank miller and geof darrow.

nixon, a robot built to believe he's human and either a tax collector or claims adjuster, runs around the city destroying the enemies of a big, evil corporation. he gets messed up - his skin gets torn off, his metal parts stick out at odd angles - he's taken back to the corporate headquarters and refurbished, then dropped off in the care of other robots disguised as his family and pet. repeat.

'last year's model,' who has rebelled against the corporation, tries to convince him of the truth, aided by a robot on the inside. unfortunately, she sexually harasses him and he ends up killing her.

the plot is more or less unremarkable - it lacks the grit and development of miller's sin city books. it's the graphics that make the comic awesome. the detail is achingly precise. cars crash on the freeway and the exact damage to each vehicle is clear to the eye, though there are between twenty and fifty vehicles drawn on the page. the robots are warring in a street choked with citizens, and each figure has a unique expression, outfit, posture.

on the whole, it kicks ass.

A hong kong action movie featuring Chow Yun Fat. I remember watching it on the last night of bording school. It features a scene where a swat team is surrounded by arms dealing gangsters in the midst of a burning hospital. Their mission is to get a room full of babies out of the nursery ward to the safety of the street. To do this they gun down endless bad guys, get shot themselves, throw fragmentation grenades, and climb down drainage pipes while being fired on by guys with bazookas. Very few of the swat guys make it, but the babies make it to safety...

Reminds me of Labrynth, with David Bowie's evil scheme to steal a hapless baby and make him a goblin. Goes to show, whether it be east or west--don't mess with babies.

A type of detective fiction marked by the tough, unsentimental character of the protagonist and a high degree of violence. Often the hero is an embittered idealist; the view of humanity presented is cynical and focuses on corruption and betrayal. Authors of hardboiled fiction include Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammet, Jim Thompson, and Walter Mosley.

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